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Spa Roma: Morgantown, West Virginia Spa Roma HomeSpa Roma HomeSpa Roma Home
Spa Roma: Morgantown, West Virginia Spa Roma HomeSpa Roma HomeSpa Roma Home
Spa Roma: Morgantown, West Virginia Spa Roma HomeSpa Roma HomeSpa Roma Home
Spa Roma: Morgantown, West Virginia
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Spa Roma: Morgantown, West Virginia
Services: Body Massage/Therapies

Massage Therapy
Massage is one of the oldest of health practices, found in ancient Chinese medical texts written some 4,000 years ago. Massage does much more than relieve everyday stress, and studies are proving it. If you have never had a massage, don't put it off another minute! Massage balances energy, improves range of motion, and stimulates circulation. One session will induce a total state of relaxation. ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

Spa Roma is the only spa in the area to be able to offer a sauna before or after your massage.

Please check with your Physician before any heat therapy such as a sauna. Pregnant women are not permitted to sauna. Please let the front desk know at check-in if you wish to use our amenities before your service.

Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is soothing strokes and gentle kneading. It's ideal for someone who wants a tranquil massage . Great for the workaholic!
Neck, Back & Shoulder ~ $60 (30 min)
Full Body ~ $80 (55 min)
Full Body Luxury ~ $105 (85 min)

Deep-Tissue Massage
Deep-tissue massage is done by working through each layer of muscle. It releases tension and lactic acid in the muscles that builds overtime from workouts or stress that has gathered in the neck, back and shoulders. Deep-tissue massage can be intense, but devotees swear by the relief it brings.
Full Body ~ $105 (55 min)
Full Body Luxury ~ $130 (85 min)

Stone Therapy Massage
This massage offers deep relaxation while still getting a true muscular treatment. Using heated lava rocks, some you hold in your hands, others the therapist uses to massage deep into those achy muscles. Larger warm lava stones are then placed strategically on the body. This is a must try specialty treatment of ours.
Full Body ~ $100 (55 min)
Full Body Luxury ~ $130 (85 min)

Foot Reflexology ~ $45
Deep pressure massage is applied to pressure points on the feet, which correspond to individual parts of the body. This technique releases energy & blockage throughout the body, increasing circulation, balance, and relaxation.

Couple's Massage
Couple's Massage Room

The couples massage will put you into a tranquil state as two massage therapists use soothing strokes and gentle kneading as in the Swedish massage, to bring romance and relaxation together in our couples suite. Deep tissue and hot stone may be done in the couple's suite for an additional cost. The perfect gift for that someone special.
Neck, Back & Shoulder ~ $70/person (30 min)
Full Body ~ $90/person (55 min)
Full Body Luxury ~ $115/person (85 min)

Pregnancy Massage
Enjoy a light, relaxing massage when you need it most! This massage gives you the chance to lay on your stomach again and unwind with our prego pillow. Great for low back pain. Please note that you must be past your 1st trimester and don't forget to consult your doctor prior if you're having any complications.
Neck, Back & Shoulder ~ $65 (30 min)
Full Body ~ $85 (55 min)

*Add $3 for your choice of aromatherapy oil to enhance your 30 minute massage/$6 for 60 minute or 90 minute massage or $15 to add a Decléor balm.

**When booking massage please indicate your preference for male or female therapist and the depth of pressure desired.

Body Therapies/Treatments
Our selection of skin refinement treatments, signature body scrubs and wraps are the perfect antidotes to dehydrated skin. Our body treatments offer unparalleled moisture and keep you looking supple and smooth.

Salt Glow ~ $115
Our special blends of sea salts with essential oils are massaged into the body to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. Your body will be soft and well hydrated after this incredible treatment.

Body Bronzing Treatment ~ $35
Buy a package of five and recieve one body bronzing treatment for free ~
The safest tan, as we all know, is the sunless tan. However, getting an overall, even color can be tricky. You will leave with a healthy, natural-looking glow. Wear loose clothing to this service, no shower for at least 15 hours afterwards.

Herbal Body Wrap ~ $100
Linen sheets steamed in a blend of fragrant herbs are wrapped around the body to increase perspiration, help eliminate toxins and impurities, relax your muscles, and soften you skin. This is an awesome treatment for all your workout buffs, and a perfect compliment to any of our massages.

Discover the abundance of the "Essence of Being" by Decléor. Indulge in the pure natural aromatic essence and see result. We offer 4 Decléor body treatments to best suit your skin.

Relax ~ $130
Relax treatment is designed to soothe, unwind and de-stress your body. It addresses sensitized and dehydrated skin. By the end of your treatment, your body regains its softness and suppleness, while being in a state of utter relaxation.

Tonic ~ $130
Tonic treatment has visible anti-aging, firming and toning benefits. The toning effect of Immortelle will significantly improve the appearance of your skin and leave it regenerated, firmer and incredibly soft.

Slim Effect ~ $130
Slim Effect is an innovative treatment design to tone and drain targeted parts of the body. This personalized treatment combines the action of essential oils with powerful plant extracts to provide powerful and visible results.

Advanced Cellulite Treatment
Synergie ~ $75
Series of 8 ~ $500
Series of 16 ~ $950
The cellulite treatment used by the stars! This treatment finally gives you the significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite you've been looking for! Synergie is a vacuum massage that increases circulation and detoxifies fat cells. Multiple sessions are recommended.
Slim Effect Body Booster ~ $50 add-on
Intensify our Advanced Cellulite treatment with a results driven treatment created to smooth and contour problem areas. The perfect pair!

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